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Scholarship Fund

PAHCOM Scholarship Fund

The purpose of the PAHCOM Scholarship Fund is to assist members who do not have the financial means to pursue continued education in medical management. The Annual Conference held every fall is funded through the PAHCOM Scholarship fund



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Contributions from our community make furthering education for medical office managers possible. We receive a majority of our financial support from anonymous contributors followed closely by Corporate Members and PAHCOM Chapters. We also enjoy great success with our Annual Scholarship Fund Drives led by our National Advisory Board at the conference itself.

The success of this program is made possible by so many wonderful contributors and we thank you all for your dedication to education and advancement within our community!



Most recent donations

Devora Walker, CMM

Crystal Bruning, CMM

Devora Walker, CMM

Brenda Foose, CMM, HITCM-PP

Kathleen Kyriakakos, CMM

Mary Ellen Plumley, CMM

Marion Marty, BSN, CMM

Revel Chapman, CMM

Farhan Shamsi


Deborah DiMarco, CMM

Gina Humphries, CMM, CPC

Aaron Miller

Gina Humphries, CMM, CPC

Stephanie Hunter, CMM

Joan Hawkins, CMM

Teri Arseneau

Gina Humphries, CMM, CPC

Aaron Miller

Revel Chapman, CMM

Warm thanks go to the members listed above who recently made the choice to contribute to furthering education for managers who otherwise would not be able to receive continued education. Thank you for your donation!


Applications for Financial Assistance

Applications for financial assistance are accepted throughout the year and must be received a minimum of four months in advance for evaluation by the National Advisory Board. For those members seeking assistance specifically for the Annual Conference, applications must be received prior to April 30th. Every effort is made to approve funding for PAHCOM members who demonstrate commitment to their professional development and financial need.

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