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Chapter of the Year Award

Congratulations to the 2016 Chapter of the Year, the Lehigh Valley Chapter.

Also congratulations to the second and third place winners, DelCo Chapter and Pikes Peak.

PAHCOM Chapters bring significant value to our industry through continued education and networking and all are to be commended for their efforts to share knowledge in their communities. But each year we recognize those who have taken extra steps to ensure medical managers are connected and stay informed of industry changes.

Chapter of the Year: Point System


The Chapter of the Year Award is won by the chapter with the most points earned from August 1 through July 31 of each year. The winning chapter will receive a cash award of $1000 (one thousand dollars) and will be honored as special guests at the next PAHCOM Annual Conference Awards Banquet.

The Chapter ranking second will receive a cash award of $500 (five hundred dollars) and the chapter ranking third will receive a cash award of $250 (two hundred fifty dollars).

Current total points earned by each chapter are displayed on each chapter page in the PAHCOM Chapter Directory and all chapters' points are listed here.

Points are earned according to the following schedule:

Points Activity
25 Post all following year meetings (minimum of six) on the Education Calendar before February 15th
25 Submit Treasurer's Report before February 15th
05 Submission of chapter meeting attendance forms (completed accurately online; per meeting)
10 Hold chapter meetings and seminars where CEUs are awarded (each CEU)
10 Recruit a New Member (member of your chapter refers a new member)
10 Apply to take the CMM or HITCM-PP Exam (each member, regardless of the venue)
05 Provide "Chapter News" for the PAHCOM Journal (each issue)
05 Provide “Chapter News” for the PAHCOM website (per calendar month)
10 Register for the PAHCOM Annual Conference (each chapter member, points at paid date)
10 Refer a new National Corporate Member
05 Collaborate with another chapter for a co-hosted seminar/event
100 “Friendly Venture” – Assist in the successful launch of a new chapter (see Handbook Section 12)

Contact your Chapter Support Committee with any questions.