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Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania Chapter

Allentown, PA

Next Chapter Meeting

Title/topic: How to Succeed with 2017 MACRA
Speaker: Jaan Sidorov, MD & Anita Brazill
Date: 08/23/2017
Time: 07:30 AM - 09:30 AM
Location: Lehigh Country Club
2319 S. Cedar Crest Blvd
Allentown, PA 18103

Join us for a practical review that will help you:

* Create a plan to avoid any MACRA/MIPS penalty

* Optimize your incentive and potential bonus

* Select the right measures for your practice

* Analyze and improve performance

* Successfully submit your data to Medicare

Brought to you by the Lehigh & Northampton County Medical Societies and the Pennsylvania Medical Society’s new Care Centered Collaborative.


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Chapter News

07/27/2017 - A Mindfulness Workshop
July 26, 2017 Our Lehigh Valley PAHCOM Chapter meeting for July was held July 26, 2017 at the beautiful Folino Estate Vineyard and Restaurant Winery near Kutztown, PA. Our speaker, Shonda Moralis, presented A M indfulness Workshop; along with a cocktail reception. Shonda is a psychotherapist in private practice with over twenty years of clinical experience. She has co-developed various mindfulness group curricula. She has also published a book entitled Breathe, Mama Breathe: 5-Minute Mindfulness for Busy Moms. Parent’s Magazine endorsed her book as a MUST READ. Our workshop was totally “hands-on” giving us opportunity to practice de-stressing by being aware of our surroundings and living in one moment. Shonda explained different techniques having us introduce mindfulness in to our busy lives while experiencing the benefits of these mindfulness exercises. We were very excited about the positive feedback for this event with an estimated 65 people registered to attend. Many attendees are not members of PAHCOM giving us an opportunity to introduce them to the many benefits of becoming a PAHCOM member. We had one person sign up for membership. Yea! Welcome to Dottie Fesmire, Director of Women’s Health at Holy Redeemer. Dr. Anita Yuskauskas, Coordinator of Health and Policy Administration at Penn State, Lehigh Valley Campus; presented a “Penn State” clock to our President, Cindy Fisher, thanking Cindy and our Chapter for the opportunity to collaborate with our Managers and taking on student interns. It is a wonderful arrangement for all involved. This event was a huge success, including delicious food, beverages and networking

06/26/2017 - Leveraging the Cloud for Your Practice
June 21, 2017 Our Lehigh Valley PAHCOM Chapter meeting in June was held on June 21, 2017. The topic for today’s presentation was: “Leveraging the Cloud for Your Practice” George Sanchez, Owner of TeamLogic IT was our presenter. Reasons why your business may want to utilize cloud services: • Minimized upfront costs - -but you will have a monthly fee • You do not need to update your hardware or software - - handled by the cloud based vendor • Service – available on any device • Secure – cloud based vendors are very conscientious about security; most have several locations for servers so if one goes down; another will kick in; data is backed up frequently • Suggested applications – E H R; Email, Data Storage, Phone Systems; Office 365, QuickBooks Due diligence is still required when choosing to use Cloud Based Services. Do not assume the correct security is in place. You need to know that the vendor is HIPAA compliant and has strong encryption when transmitting data. You should also ask where the servers are located and how the data is backed up. Business Associate Agreements are still required for Cloud Based Services for HIPAA. Performance is another consideration when using cloud based vendors. Do you get compensation back when/if the system is down or when it is underperforming? Some offices have already switched to cloud based telephone systems. They are especially convenient when you have more than one office location. You can have one number for all of your offices depending on how it is configured. You can also access your telephone remotely. This meeting was full of information to consider when updating office procedures and practices in your office. Do what makes sense for your office. You can add one item at a time; or embrace all of them. Respectfully submitted, Aileen H. Naudascher, CMM, HITCM-PP Secretary Lehigh Valley PAHCOM Chapter

06/19/2017 - Relax and Un-Wine-d
Our Chapter will be hosting a Mindfulness Workshop and Cocktail Reception on Wednesday, July 26th from 4:30 - 7:30 PM at Folino Estate Winery in Kutztown, PA. Our speaker, Shonda Moralis, MSW,LCSW, will be presenting "Mind Full or Mindful: Simple Ways to Bring Mindfulness into a Busy Life" As Managers & Administrators we struggle to find a work/ life balance. Learn how 5 minute a day mindfulness can change the feel and pace of our lives. Step off the hamster wheel of perpetual busyness. Put your own oxygen mask on first – this will enrich your business, your employees, your relationships, YOUR LIFE! We will learn how stress affects our mind/body, behavior, habits, and interactions with others. Mindful communication aids in managing people and conflict resolution. This event is free to our Lehigh Valley Chapter Members. The fee for guests is $25, payable at the door. For questions, please contact Cindy Fisher, Chapter President.

05/30/2017 - Spring Inspiration Conference was a huge success!
Our Lehigh Valley Chapter's annual Spring Inspiration Conference in April keeps getting better year after year and this year was no exception! We're so happy for the large number of attendees and vendors that made this year's event so special. A huge thank you to our sponsors. Without their support we could not bring you the high caliber speakers and the beautiful Bear Creek Resort venue each year. Please visit our Lehigh Valley PAHCOM website at and click on the Galleries tab to see the fabulous pictures from the 2 day event. Be sure to look for yourself in the Gallery of photos. There are over 300 pictures so you're bound to be in more than one! Our conference committee is already working on next year's conference. Not sure how we will top this year's conference, but stay tuned....


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