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In 1992 PAHCOM recognized the ever increasing need for a program that would provide recognition to individual office managers having knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to successfully manage today's ever-changing medical practices. As a result, PAHCOM created the Certified Medical Manager (CMM) program.

Certification is defined as a credential that validates the competency of an individual to perform a set of defined tasks. Certification documents that the credentialed individual can perform the defined tasks safely, effectively, and with integrity. The credentialing process serves to reassure employers, peers, and the public that the certified individuals are competent in the performance of their professional duties.

PAHCOM is nationally recognized as the leader in health care management certification for administrative professionals working in physician practices and in various ambulatory service centers. PAHCOM certification validates the professional competency and relevance that PAHCOM certificants bring to the workplace. Operational efficiency, regulatory compliance, and financial performance are strengthened when PAHCOM-certified professionals are hired.

PAHCOM credentials are earned through a combination of education, experience, and performance on certification examinations. Following initial certification, PAHCOM credentials must be maintained through rigorous continuing education, thereby ensuring a consistent and continuing high level of professional competency for employers, patients, staff and the community.


  • Exam Format, 
    Content, & Locations
  • Qualifications, 
    Application, & Preparation
  • Congratulations 
    & Recertification


  • 200 questions (multiple choice)
  • 3 hours are allocated to complete the exam
  • Proctored either at an online partner testing center or in person at the Annual PAHCOM Conference

Exam Content

The CMM credential recognizes the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to manage physician practices or other ambulatory service centers in an increasingly complex environment. CMMs work as critical links between providers, patients, staff and payers. The CMM credential validates the candidate’s performance in ten domains of medical practice administration:

Insurance/Managed Health Care Plans

  • Coding Analysis
  • Billing and Collections
  • Managed Care

Risk Management

  • Overview
  • Compliance


  • Employment and Payroll
  • Financial Planning
  • Practice Accounting

Contract Management

  • Health Care Contracts
  • Corporate Contracts

Data Management

  • Systems Analysis and Design

Human Resources Management

  • Overview
  • Conflict Management


  • Meetings
  • Interpersonal

Administrative Objectives

  • Managing and Leading
  • Time Management

Clinical Knowledge Administration

  • Health Care Law


  • Patient Education & Practice Marketing



  • Three years experience in a patient care environment
  • 12 college credit hours in business/healthcare (or commensurate experience)
  • PAHCOM membership


  • All applications are online here
  • Exam fee is $385 (If for some reason you do not pass the first time, you can re-take it at no cost to you within one year of your application date)



  • Congratulations on your new certification! PAHCOM will congratulate you by listing your name here. The congratulations page lists the most recent ten CMMs.
  • All active CMMs are listed here for verification and recognition.
  • Practices managed by CMMs are recognized and promoted here.
  • New CMMs will receive a congratulations package in the mail including:
    • Certified Medical Manager Certificate
    • Letter to you practice commending you on your accomplishment
    • Press release ready for you to share with your local media contacts
    • CMM lapel pin
    • 3.5" CMM sticker (good for indoors or out/bumper/etc.)


  • Certified members must maintain continuous membership and recertify every 24 months.
  • Recertification requires continued education

Educational Institutions

Educational Institutions with certificate and/or degree programs in healthcare administration (especially those specific to smaller medical practices), please see our Academic Credentialing Program information and consider offering your students PAHCOM membership and operational industry networking access before they graduate and certification upon graduation.