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2015 Medical Manager of the Year!

Congratulations to Dedra Dyer, CMM, CAPPM, CPCO, CCS-P, CMSCS, CPOM, CMCS, EFPM
Practice Manager at Atlanta Lung Specialists PC

Dedra Dyer, CMM

When I first heard I had been nominated for the 2015 Medical Manager of the Year I was so excited and at the same time deeply touched that a fellow peer would think enough of me to have me recognized in this way. I am forever grateful to you Margie for taking that step and making my dream a reality...Thank you!

While preparing to submit the information required for the nomination, I looked back and realized I have been working in healthcare for 40 years. As with other medical managers, I started learning from the bottom up. With hard work, loyalty and dedication I strived to learn every aspect of a medical practice from the front office to the back office. I started out in the days before computers, with ledger cards, pegboard systems, hand-written office notes and hand typed insurance claims and then moving into the computer age with practice management systems, electronic filing of insurance claims, electronic remittance advices, electronic funds transfer and going from paper charts to electronic health records. Oh my, has medicine ever changed!

We, as medical managers, are under a lot of pressure every day. We are expected to stay on top of and deal with all of the changes and diversity we face on a daily basis. PAHCOM has made my journey easier. My 19 years of being a member of PAHCOM have truly been invaluable to me. Whether it be the articles in the PAHCOM Journals, the annual salary survey, the member library, the listserv, local chapter meetings or the national conference, PAHCOM has given me the information, skills and sources I need to be successful in this unpredictable, constantly changing and always challenging healthcare arena. PAHCOM is a prestigious organization that is truly in the forefront in educating today's brightest managers. I am grateful to PAHCOM for supplying me with the expertise, knowledge and resources needed to do my job. I can say without hesitation PAHCOM has molded me into the manager I am today.

Shock, disbelief, humility and honor are just a few words that could describe my feelings at the Awards Dinner on Wednesday night, October 21, 2015 when Sarah announced my name as the 2015 Medical Manager of the Year. What an incredible honor has been bestowed upon me and I am forever grateful. I am still in disbelief and shock. I am looking forward to the upcoming year and the opportunities to be a spokesperson for PAHCOM. Being the 2015 Medical Manager of the Year is truly an honor that I will cherish forever. - Dedra


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