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Pam Lewis 2016 Medical Manager of the Year!

Congratulations to Pam Lewis,CMM, HITCM-PP

Pam Lewis, CMM 2016 Medical Manager of the Year!

How can I possibly explain the feelings and emotions that I experienced when I was named the 2016 Medical Manager of the Year?

To receive this award from an organization that I have been a part of and have relied on in my personal career for over 22 years means more than I can say. People told me they thought they were going to have to lift me out of my chair as I sat there in disbelief that my name had been called! Once in a lifetime! There are only a few once in a lifetime opportunities offered in life and being named Medical Manager of the Year is certainly high up on my list.

PAHCOM is made up of all sorts of Medical Managers, and yet, we all do the same job. We all strive to make our practice more streamlined, profitable, efficient, compassionate and strong. As healthcare changes and more reporting and financial requirements are made, we see hospitals buying practices, larger offices forming and smaller offices banding together in IPAs or ACOs in order to provide good care. So our jobs evolve and we wear more hats in a smaller organization or we wear fewer hats in a larger one, but we do whatever it takes to survive and thrive!

The people that I work with on a daily basis don't think of me as the MMOTY 2016. They just call me Pam and they look to me to guide them and inspire them, which is much the same job that we all do. My job is not more or less important than the rest of the medical managers in PAHCOM. But, if we all are basically the same, how can one person stand out as the Medical Manager of the Year? The difference is that I put myself out there and get involved. I have served on the National Advisory Board for 6 years and been Chair of that board for 3 of those years. I have been a member of PAHCOM for 22 years and have just recently started a North Carolina Chapter. I truly love and believe in this organization and the support that it provides to all of us and feel a responsibility to give back. I've also been active on a local basis in healthcare and in my community.

2017 will definitely be a year of change as quality initiatives take the forefront in healthcare and as leadership changes in our country. All we can do is sit down, fasten our seatbelts, depend on PAHCOM and each other for support, surround ourselves with all the knowledge and conviction that we can and hang on tight. It will be quite a journey, but remember the joy is in the journey!

Thank you PAHCOM for this once in a lifetime opportunity and for the joy!

Pam Lewis, CMM, HITCM-PP

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