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  • How to submit a video
  • How to vote
  • Terms of contest
  1. Be sure to read the terms of the contest. They're a bit longer and somewhat boring but there's good information in there you might find helpful and that you're responsible for knowing.
  2. Each video entry must be officially submitted by one PAHCOM member (although many may contribute, members and non-members alike).
  3. Shoot a creative or fun video relating to medical office management. Use anyone you want or even no one. Pets, cartoons, it's all up to your creativity.
  4. Each video must include the required opening and/or closing slide. You can edit it into your video or tape it to a wall and shoot it or have someone hold it up, shoot your computer screen, whatever works for your video style.
  5. Reference PAHCOM at some point in the video (could be saying you're off to a chapter meeting, could be a close up of your CMM Certificate, etc.)
  6. Shorter is generally better. We're setting a max limit of 5 minutes although we think 2 minutes is more suitable in today's video climate.
  7. No fancy camera, no worries. It's 2013 so bust out your phone and have a little fun with your friends and co-workers! Been to YouTube lately? Fancy isn't winning any awards. It's all about creativity and humor, core survival skills in a medical practice, right?
  8. Use the Official Entry Form. It's short and direct, who's the member submitting this, etc.
  9. Contest entries will be accepted until September 25, 2013. But keep in mind that the earlier you get your video out there, the more time you'll have to get "Likes" and every like = one vote for you!
  1. Everyone is eligible to vote so get your clip out there and those "Likes" coming in.
  2. Visit the PAHCOM Channel on YouTube and see the contest playlist. All approved contest videos will be in that playlist. Direct links to videos in the contest are also encouraged and make it easier to vote for your video.
  3. Click the "Like" button in the YouTube player (see the thumbs up lower left of the video) to indicate your vote for that video.
  4. Vote as often and for as many videos as you like. You can always un-vote by removing your "Like". It's all in your control. Dislikes do not count one way or another so don't be a hater.
  5. Voting closes at 3pm on October 23rd, 2013 (truly at the last minute before the awards ceremony that evening).

PAHCOM's 25th Anniversary Silver Screen Spectacular Video Contest

1st Place Trophy
$1000 PAHCOM Bucks
$300 Cash
Recognition including your video played at the Silver Screen Spectacular Awards Banquet October 23, 2013
Your video aired on the PAHCOM Homepage!

2nd Place Trophy
$750 PAHCOM Bucks
$200 Cash
Recognition at the Conference Awards Banquet October 23, 2013

3rd Place Trophy
$500 PAHCOM Bucks
$100 Cash
Recognition at the Conference Awards Banquet October 23, 2013

Contest Entry Period: Starting May 1 through September 25, 2013

Voting Period: June 1, 2013 through 3:00 PM Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Length of Video: Keep it short. Average length 2 to 3 minutes. Maximum 5 minutes.

Video Topic: Creatively relating to Medical Office Management / Practice Administration / Healthcare at the Small Practice.

Topic Details: Topic relating to Medical Office Management. Creatively portray your message or viewpoint. Make it funny, entertaining, into a cartoon, a now and then theme, etc. Can be as simple as a shot of you explaining a topic you deal with at your practice or as elaborate as and animation of it.

Ideas include: Day in the Life at the Practice, Craziest thing you ever saw at your practice, OMG, did my patient just say THAT?, ICD-10 may as well be ICD-200, etc. You do not need to use a professional videographer. Your video does not need to be PAHCOM themed but within your video must include a PAHCOM reference or copy of the PAHCOM logo. Your video MUST be suitable for public viewing and any portrayal or reference to PAHCOM must be positive.

Applicants: Must be a PAHCOM member to submit a video. The PAHCOM member can be in the video or the one taking the video or the one producing the video. Only one member submits each video. We recommend others participating in the video be credited in the description or in the clip itself.

Contest Entry Form: Use this link to officially submit your entry ( The contest entry form is short and asks the following:

  1. PAHCOM Member Name
  2. PAHCOM Member Number
  3. Title of your Video
  4. Video Description
  5. Tell us where in your clip you used the PAHCOM Contest Slide.
  6. Tell us how you referenced PAHCOM in your video.
  7. Video submission format

Required in every contest video: The PAHCOM video contest slide must be used for lead and/or close of your video. Use link to obtain approved contest video slides ( Upload your video to YouTube and include link to the video on the submission form. Non-YouTube links will not be compatible. To upload your submission to YouTube you must have an account with YouTube. To sign up for a free YouTube account visit and follow the upload guidelines (YouTube is not a sponsor of this contest). Set your video's privacy to "Public". This allows PAHCOM to add your video to our PAHCOM YouTube Channel. Mark down your video's YouTube URL for inclusion in the registration form. If music is used it should not infringe on third-party rights. (To find royalty-free music, do an internet search for "royalty-free music" or "free music".)

Alternate option for video submission: Send an editable file to via Dropbox, YouSendIt, or other form of large file submission. Include notation whether lead/close slide is attached.

Submission Errors: If a problem occurs in the on-line submission process or in uploading of a video, the entrant should receive an "error message" email. PAHCOM is not responsible for incomplete or improper transmission. PAHCOM will not be held responsible for other technical problems or malfunctions; hardware and software errors; garbled, jumbled or faulty data transmissions. PAHCOM will offer assistance when requested to get your video properly included in the contest.

Video Transference of Property: Each video entered becomes the property of PAHCOM and grants PAHCOM full unrestricted rights to the use of the video.

Video approval: PAHCOM reserves the right to refuse any video in the event it is inappropriate to be determined by PAHCOM. Approved videos will be posted to the PAHCOM YouTube channel on the video contest playlist.

Voting: Social media will be used for judging. Votes will be collected via "Likes on each video. All approved videos will be accessible via the PAHCOM YouTube Channel on the video contest playlist ( Dislikes are not considered and do not cancel out likes. You do not need to be a PAHCOM member to vote. Contestants are encouraged to get everyone to vote/Like their video. This can include Likes from friends, family, co-workers, hospital contacts, colleagues, anyone on the internet. Send the video link, or refer them to the contest YouTube page. Like as many videos as you want. You can change your mind and remove your Like from a video at anytime up until the contest voting close of 3:00 pm October 23rd, 2013.

Winners: Votes will be counted up to 3:00 PM EST on October 23, 2013. The top three videos with the most "Likes" will be honored at the Awards Banquet of PAHCOM's 25th Anniversary Silver Screen Spectacular Celebration in Clearwater Beach Florida. Entrant's do not need to be present to win. If you do not plan to attend the conference then you should designate someone to collect your prize although if unrepresented, your prize will still be yours and sent to you.

Prizes: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes will be awarded.