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Encoda LLC

The RCM Problem

Revenue Cycle Management- What you don’t know CAN hurt you… and most likely is!

Payers make the rules in an “insurance reimbursement game” stacked against you. Limitations in medical billing software and clearinghouses result in inefficient processes, leading medical groups to a plateau in revenue cycle efficiency. Consequentially, significant reimbursement amounts go uncollected, financially hemorrhaging your business. Do you know how much practice revenue leak is costing you?

The Solution

  • REV CPR- A Revenue Cycle Performance Review will disclose how much you’re losing.
    Encoda’s certified professional medical auditors (CPMA) and data analysts use comprehensive metrics and financial analytics to uncover practice revenue leaks and stop the monthly bleeding.
  • RAP- Our Revenue Assistance Program improves your billing efficiency and margins.
    Encoda works with a medical group’s existing billing system to eliminate revenue leaks, prevent denials, accelerate reimbursement, and reduce the time and expense required to process claims. Encoda’s patented solution will boost your billing and reimbursement efficiency.

The Results

More money. Less work. It’s that simple. Eliminating practice revenue leaks, increasing billing productivity (by up to 40%), and improving payment velocity all leads to your better bottom line.

Encoda Product & Services Offering

Revenue Assistance ProgramTM - Contract Encoda to assist with your billing needs and do the heavy lifting. Encoda’s certified professional coders (CPC) and experienced billing associates are available to help a diverse range of practice types with a variety of billing and RCM service options.

Encoda BackOfficeTM – Encoda’s revolutionary, patented, cloud-based denial management platform may be licensed via SaaS to work in concert with your billing software. The suite includes Claims Manager, Claims Scrubber, Exception Manager™, Payment Manager, Watchdog™, and Encoda Maestro™.

Maestro AnalyticsTM - Monitor. Measure. Manage. Encoda’s powerful software allows medical office managers and executives to monitor and measure performance of revenue cycles and billing staff from a phone, tablet, or PC. Easy-to-read graphs provide snapshots of past and current performance as well as indicative trends and stats necessary to manage business from anywhere with confidence.

How it Works

  • Encoda’s unique platform allows direct-to-payer transactions and private submission of claims apart from other groups, reducing claim delays and denials.
  • Encoda allows creation of automated rules, using advanced business logic, to fix claim issues unique to certain payers and prevent them from reoccurring. Productivity can be increased 35-40%.
  • Rules automation eliminates sticky notes and retains knowledge usually lost to staff turnover.
  • Automated processes eliminate “manumation”, reducing keystrokes and errors by up to 50%.

About Encoda, LLC

Encoda is a healthcare reimbursement automation leader based in Tampa, FL, with offices in Blue Bell, PA, and Carrollton, GA. The software developer’s patented technology works with existing billing systems to optimize revenue cycles, empowering medical groups and RCM companies to receive the maximum insurance reimbursement allowed in the shortest time.

Contact Encoda today to request a REV CPR and stop your practice leaks now!

Phone:  813-337-0107

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2002 N. Lois Ave. Suite 600 Tampa, FL 33607

Tiffany Debus Sr. Account Executive (813) 337-0678

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