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Joining PAHCOM is a demonstration of your commitment to yourself and to your chosen career. We applaud you for wanting the very best. Read About PAHCOM for an overview of who we are.

  • Why Join PAHCOM?
  • Membership Conditions and Terms
  • Background & Details

Consultant Membership in PAHCOM enables you to:

  • Share Knowledge with your peers. No one person alone can know everything! See our Founder's message here.
  • Stay informed about what's happening in your industry. There are many changes that directly affect you as a consultant working with medical practices.
  • Use state of the art communications to find and contact other PAHCOM consultant members (as a group or individually). See fellow consultant members in your region, your chapter, or by name then contact them directly with the click of your mouse.
  • Promote your value to manager members as your member directory listing identifies you as a consultant and links your website so PAHCOM members can easily access your services.
  • Access the PAHCOM Consultant ListServ with fellow PAHCOM consultant members posting questions and concerns about practice management and discussing solutions. Turn on the ListServ in My Membership, green section.
  • Make a commitment to become a Certified Medical Manager (CMM) and or Health Information Management Certified Manager for Physician Practice (HITCM-PP). Increase your value and respect in the industry.
  • Use the PAHCOM Member Library to save time and money on forms, policies, checklists and more. Add your samples and download others when you need them. See the list of Library resources here.
  • Access the largest Healthcare Career Network in the world. It's like for healthcare and PAHCOM members posting resumes have free access. Members hiring into their practice receive special discounted pricing.
  • Enjoy free issues of The PAHCOM Journal, our bi-monthly magazine full of the latest happenings in small practice management.
  • Download The PAHCOM Journal App for iPhone, iPad, and Droid devices.
  • Know that your Association is engaged and involved with other leaders in healthcare nationally in efforts to ensure small practice management concerns are addressed. See some of the PR, Articles, and Media here.
  • Our phones are manned at all times. Speak to a human 24/7/365 who can help you with basic information and services regarding your PAHCOM membership.
  • View your membership status and control your settings through our customized member control center "My Membership".
  • Review and/or print all past invoices and receipts at anytime. Doing taxes and can't find the receipt? We can help. It's in your PAHCOM History online for you anytime.
  • Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) works directly with PAHCOM to create and provide training specifically for small practices. Our partnership with CMS ensures your concerns are addressed and training is in focus for you. Whether it's the Annual Conference, Industry Partner Initiatives, The PAHCOM Journal/CMS Corner, the eHealth Resources page, or the CMS Playlist on the PAHCOM YouTube Channel, you can count on PAHCOM to be engaged and on top of industry issue that affect you and your practice!
  • PAHCOM works with a multitude of partners to bring you the best CEU approved educational opportunities and we list them in the Education Calendar with easy to register links and contact information.
  • PAHCOM collects all the best solutions providers/vendors in the industry and lists them in the Solutions Directory for your convenience. Many also exhibit at the Annual Conference each year. Download the Products & Services Guide for a PDF version of these companies who have made a commitment to small practices.

Consultant Membership Terms:


  • Consultant practice managers and individuals (not companies) offering management consulting to small practices.
  • Please see “Manager Membership” and “Corporate Membership” for more information about those member categories. If you’re unsure which member type is appropriate for you, ask us (

Dues (exactly the same as regular manager membership):

  • Dues are paid annually in advance of membership
  • Renewal dues are discounted (less than new membership)
  • Renewals are dues paid for the following year prior to membership expiration
  • Renewal dues paid online with a credit card are further discounted (less than joining and less than renewing by mail/fax)
  • Auto-renew (setting up recurring payments) will lock-in your dues rate at the online renewal rate of the date you enable the auto-renew service (so your dues never increase)
  • Membership dues are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Standards & Commitments:

  • Members must adhere to the PAHCOM Code of Ethical Standards
  • Members agree to review the Background & Details for Consultant Membership (green tab on this page)

Since consultants and vendors sell to medical practices, PAHCOM has welcomed them as corporate members but not medical manager members as we are committed to keeping manager membership free of solicitations and open to peer to peer unbiased communications truly based on sharing knowledge with no conflicts of interest. Easier said than done!

From time to time members retire from practice management and find themselves working in consulting as a primary role and then risk losing certification. Corporate members are not eligible for PAHCOM certification (only experienced medical managers are). Many are tempted to lay low and remain members but are not able to promote their new value to fellow members. Anyone selling to medical practices is not authorized for manager membership. This is a tough position to be in and until now there was no solution. Note that if you helped your doctor's or friend's practice for 10 hours last year, that's not the same as being a consultant member candidate. Incidental assistance is not running a consulting business and does not jeopardize your status as a PAHCOM medical manager member.

What also happens every once in a while is the medical manager member that is certified and then leaves their practice to work for a vendor corporation like athenahealth. Before the creation of the Consultant Member category, that member was not able to remain a manager member (no vendors in manager membership); remember, corporate members still cannot be PAHCOM certified. The Consultant Member category allows those individuals to continue their professional development through interaction with their PAHCOM friends. Athenahealth is wise on bring on an experienced and certified medical manager to help them best serve managers of small practices.

If you are a medical manager and are certified through PAHCOM, and then leave your medical manager role to work at a vendor company, you can now retain your certification and recertify just as you always have. You still need the continuing education but the fact that you now sell to practices does not mean you have to be decertified. You are welcome in the consultant membership category.

The Consultant Member that is employed by a vendor holds individual (personal) membership, just like regular Medical Manager Members. On the other hand, Corporate Membership is owned by the vendor company, not the person. Corporate members cannot be certified nor can people who represent them, with the single exception of those who were already PAHCOM certified members and transitioned to a vendor company and transitioned to Consultant Member status.

Dues for consultant members is the same as it is for manager members. The membership benefits are almost identical. Consultant members are eligible for certification, chapter membership, member discounts for conference and other services, PAHCOM Bucks campaigns, referrals credit, etc. There are new promotional opportunities for Consultants to help all members recognize their added expertise in our community. Consultant members will have a separate "PAHCOM consultant members" ListServ to communicate with each other. Consultant members are not eligible for chapter leadership and cannot vote in chapter elections. But they can nominate others for office, participate in chapter activities and accrue chapter points for all the same things manager members do.

Consultant members are highly encouraged to include their company website URL in their My Membership information as we promote you in the membership Directory as PAHCOM Consultant Members. Manage members will often seek assistance from consultant companies and those who are fellow PAHCOM members will be presented in the Member Directory. When members view your listing, they will see you highlighted in blue and labeled as a consultant. They can also select "Consultant" from the drop-down menu and see only consultants. When manager members view your listing, they'll see your website link and a link to email you directly. Note that consultant members do not see a link to email manager members and are encouraged to contribute material to The PAHCOM Journal showcasing their expertise.