I have been a PAHCOM member since 2012 while working in a Rural Practice. I became very involved and worked diligently to prepare my six-provider practice before ICD-10 was implemented. As ICD-10 continued to be delayed I knew that it was important to be prepared as I knew that would eventually the implementation would occur. Part of my initiative was to ensure that my physicians understood the value of ICD-10 and would be prepared as well. I had the opportunity to join my physicians and PAHCOM on Capital Hill for the ICD-10 Coalition Briefing in February 2015. I was a part of working with my physicians and PAHCOM to educate congressional members and staff about the implementation process. We were able to deliver the message that continuing to delay the implementation was proving costly to solo and small group medical practices.

I became a member of the National Advisory Board in 2016. As a part of the NAB we are able to select top-notch speakers for the Annual PAHCOM Conference each year that takes place in October. The camaraderie I have experienced since joining the NAB shows the ultimate in teamwork and truly represents our mantra "PAHCOM shares knowledge".

As a NAB member I am able to help my fellow PAHCOM members with the ever- changing world of health care so that our knowledge can continue to be shared. I am especially interested in rural healthcare issues and supporting my fellow PAHCOM members in rural areas.