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Essay Contest


PAHCOM is pleased to announce the winners of our first ever PAHCOM Essay Contest!

In the March/April issue of The PAHCOM Journal, we invited members to write essays on any topic relevant to managing a medical practice. We would like to thank all those that submitted their essays to the PAHCOM National Office. Congratulations to our essay contest winners!

1st Place - Michele Miller, CMM of Swarthmore, PA ($1,000)


photo of Michele Miller

Managing a medical practice brings daily challenges and rewards. Collecting co-payments, answering insurance questions, handling physician patient flow, maintaining daily schedules, staffing, payroll...this is just the first fifteen minutes after turning on the lights each day. Oh, did I forget answering ringing telephones and processing patients at the front desk?

What is the single most important thing that a manager in a medical practice can offer? Leadership. Compassionate, knowledgeable leadership is the most any person managing a medical practice can offer. As a manager I know it is not only my duty but my daily pleasure to help each of my co-workers, staff, physicians and patients to the best of my ability. The knowledge I bring to the office each day not only helps the patients feel comfortable, but also sets an example for every member of my staff. Our goal each day is to offer the best operational services we can to afford the physicians to do what they do best: treat patients.

PAHCOM allows me to work towards my daily goal of patient advocacy by providing me the tools, education and networking to fulfill my obligation to my patient-centered medical practice. Whether I attend a monthly meeting, listen to a seminar, attend the national conference or log onto the website, I know I will find the answers to any questions I may have. My ongoing CMM certification provides me the educational basis I need to continue in this ever-growing, ever-changing world of medical management.

I have found PAHCOM to be an organization that helps me to be my best and offer the best leadership to my staff and co-workers that I am able to offer. My daily leadership will ultimately create an environment conducive to the patient-centered practice that all managers in a medical practice strive to create and maintain on a daily basis.

Every manager in a medical practice has the basic knowledge of the operations needed to get through the day. But what sets better managers aside is the type of leadership they provide. Leadership in a medical practice is key to the success of the practice. It is not for ourselves but for others that we come to work each day. Our leadership needs to promote daily service to others with care and compassion.

Thank you, PAHCOM, for helping me to become the medical manager that I am and for knowing that I will receive opportunities for ongoing education and training to continue my work for others. Together we will create the best TEAM for our patients and physicians.

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