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Benefits to Physicians

  • office managers learn how to continuously improve their practices
  • continuing education and certification for managers of medical practices


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PAHCOM is dedicated to promoting professionalism in physician office practice. As PAHCOM members, managers of medical practices are encouraged to pursue professional development through continuing education and certification, and to share knowledge to improve performance and to increase efficiency and revenue.Through PAHCOM, office managers learn how to get the information and skills they need to continuously improve their practices and stay ahead in the continuously changing field of healthcare.

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Physician Testimonials

Our practice has benefited significantly from the new ideas our practice administrator brings back from PAHCOM, particularly in contracting and human resources. Having our practice administrator be a member of PAHCOM is a 'slam-dunk' and should be a 'no-brainer' for any physician practice.

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Robert Barker, M.D. President
Acute Care Consultants, Dayton, OH

PAHCOM has proven to be an unlimited resource for our office, as advantageous information is shared during their meetings. The networking gives our office manager almost instant access to the solutions and ideas that keep our office running in a profitable, successful manner. In short, I would not practice medicine where the office manager does not belong to PAHCOM.

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Jeffrey G. Meade, MD

PAHCOM is money in the bank. Whether it's for the business of medicine or not, I always try to put money into the people I depend on and work with.

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Glenn R. Womack, MD

Our practice has always been very supportive of PAHCOM. We have received our investment back many times over.

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Gary R. Ensz, MD