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Title/topic: Updates on Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)
Description: Kimberly Schwaiger, CPA will give an update on where items fall with loan forgiveness, etc.
Speaker: Kimberly Schwaiger, CPA

Date: 11/18/2020
Time: 08:00 AM - 09:00 AM
Location: This is a virtual meeting.

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09/23/2020 - Revenue Cycle Management: Front Office Strategy
Mike Filkins of Central Professional Services presented virtually for our September Chapter Meeting. He provided some great information for collecting payment at the time of service. Patients have choices when it comes to their medical providers. You don’t want patients to leave or not return to your Practice because of a bad interaction. Provide a positive experience with every interaction, from scheduling to check out. Create a great patient experience and also set realistic expectations by ensuring intake paperwork includes clear and defined office policies and financial responsibilities. Your front desk staff are the first people that your patients are in contact with and they are critical to the success of the Practice. Asking patients for money is difficult for some staff and it is essential that they be trained to collect co-pays and deductibles BEFORE the patient leaves the office. Most patients will not ask if there is a co-pay or balance, they will simply leave and wait for a statement (or two or three) and even then they might not pay. Each statement costs, on average, $4.00 to send and often is not effective in prompting the patient to pay their bill, so collecting at the time of service is your best chance of obtaining those patient co-pays and deductibles. Mike’s list of “Things to Remember”: ~ This may be the last time the patient will be in the office ~ Verify all demographic information, including physical address, phone number, and social security number. This could be the difference of getting paid or not. ~ Statements cost money! Getting payment while the patient is in the office will always be more effective than sending statements to collect payment. Mike also recommends having a standardized script for your staff to refer to when asking the patient for money after seeing the physician. Be compassionate, but firm; help your patient understand their financial responsibility and how/if their insurance will pay any charges. As Mike so aptly stated, “Money is walking out the door everyday – make sure it is not because the consumer was not aware of or asked for payment”.

08/28/2020 - Michigan AutoNo-Fault Law Update
Big changes are happening with the Michigan No-Fault Auto laws. Since 1973 Michigan has been a no-fault state for auto accidents. Michigan no-fault insurance was/is the mandatory car insurance that was purchased for all Michigan drivers. If a driver was insurance in a car accident, the victim does not have to sue the at-fault driver for medical benefits or lost wages; your own auto insurance company pays regardless whether you were at-fault. The no-fault insurance laws required drivers to purchase unlimited PIP (personal injury protection) medical benefits. Those benefits cover any and all car accident related medical care and treatment for as much as and as long as reasonably necessary for the injured person’s care. Under the new auto reform law, drivers now have a choice whether they continue with unlimited PIP coverage or whether they would like to cap their coverage at $50,000, $250,000 or $500,000. For those Practices and physicians who provide services to auto injured patients, you know how expensive auto related expenses can be. For those drivers who opt to cap their PIP coverage, they potentially will use all of their PIP benefits in a short time. There will no longer be automatic PIP coverage for anyone driving your vehicle, only for the named insured, spouse and resident relative. These changes go in to effect when your policy renews on or after 7/2/2020. Next year will bring changes on how medical practices and physicians will be reimbursed by auto carriers. Currently there are no actual fee schedules for claims billed to auto carriers. Each claim is reviewed and for the most part paid at 100% or at what is considered “reasonable”. In the meantime, drivers are encouraged to discuss the new coverage options with their insurance agent and make informed decisions. It is anticipated that litigation will increase as drivers realize that the coverage they are used to is no longer in place and they have to “go after” the at-fault driver for benefits. Thank you to Pat Dewey of the Dewey Insurance Agency for sharing his knowledge on Michigan Auto Law Reform!

07/30/2020 - The Pros and Cons of Online Reviews
Anna Ohler, CMM and Traverse City PAHCOM Chapter Membership Director, presented virtually to us for our July meeting. Anna covered topics such as How to Claim & Manage “Google My Business”, Online reviews and how to manage Social Media. Most of us have had some “bad” reviews for our Practices, but many of us had no idea how to claim a Google listing and regain some control over the reviews. Anna was able to show us how to claim a Google listing and posts. With online content, consistent management is key. Here are Anna’s Takeaways: ~ Keep up with reviews, check them on a weekly or bi-weekly basis ~ Be consistent with the way you respond ~ Update your hours and contact info accordingly, anytime you update your website update your Google listing and social media sites as well. ~ Understand what’s being said about your business if you choose to move forward with social media. Silence can be a very bad look! ~ Always, always keep HIPAA in mind. If you’re unsure, respond with just a “thank you for your time” response. ~ Online content is here to stay, it is better to embrace it rather than ignore it. A copy of Anna's presentation can be found in the Member Library.



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