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photo of Traverse City Michigan

Traverse City Michigan

Traverse City, MI

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Title/topic: Michigan Auto No-Fault Law Update
Speaker: Pat Dewey, Dewey Insurance

Date: 08/19/2020
Time: 08:00 AM - 09:00 AM
Location: Pat will speak to the new auto no-fault law and how this may impact auto related provider payments.

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07/30/2020 - The Pros and Cons of Online Reviews
Anna Ohler, CMM and Traverse City PAHCOM Chapter Membership Director, presented virtually to us for our July meeting. Anna covered topics such as How to Claim & Manage “Google My Business”, Online reviews and how to manage Social Media. Most of us have had some “bad” reviews for our Practices, but many of us had no idea how to claim a Google listing and regain some control over the reviews. Anna was able to show us how to claim a Google listing and posts. With online content, consistent management is key. Here are Anna’s Takeaways: ~ Keep up with reviews, check them on a weekly or bi-weekly basis ~ Be consistent with the way you respond ~ Update your hours and contact info accordingly, anytime you update your website update your Google listing and social media sites as well. ~ Understand what’s being said about your business if you choose to move forward with social media. Silence can be a very bad look! ~ Always, always keep HIPAA in mind. If you’re unsure, respond with just a “thank you for your time” response. ~ Online content is here to stay, it is better to embrace it rather than ignore it. A copy of Anna's presentation can be found in the Member Library.

05/29/2020 - Making the Most of Networking Opportunities
Heather Hollick was our presenter for our May Chaptering meeting via webinar. Heather is a speaker, writer and coach. Heather defines a network as connections and links between people, networking as building and nurturing relationships in meaningful ways and the combination of all the relationships in your life as defined by the freshness and strength of those relationship. Anything that freshens or strengthens a relationship for you is networking. Strengthening is the constant exchange of favors and information. Most of us think of networking as attending a conference or meeting, attending events or meeting new people. There is also the myth that extroverts are better networkers. Heather shared with us some of the differences between an introvert and an extrovert. Introverts are oriented “inward” and their stimulation comes from inside or introspection. An introvert often needs time to think in order to formulate their thoughts; not necessarily “talk it out”. An extrovert is oriented “outward” and their stimulation comes from outside or external sources. Extroverts often need to verbalize their thoughts to formulate them. Heather believes that the most powerful question you can ask when networking is, “What are you working on” and not, “What do you do?”. Asking a person what they are working on opens up a bigger dialogue and may include what they do for a living, but doesn’t limit the conversation. Heather’s presentation was very interesting and the time flew by! If you are interested in more information on Heather or wish to participate in a workshop, please go to



Jamie M Schichtel, CMM, HITCM-PP, CMA
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