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Traverse City Michigan Chapter

Traverse City, MI

Next Chapter Meeting

Title/topic: The Opioid Crisis in Northern Michigan
Speaker: Haley Winans, MPAS Specialist, Amber Daniels, MAPS Analyst, D/Lt. Benjamin J. Garrison
Date: 11/20/2019
Time: 07:30 AM - 09:00 AM
Location: Haley Winans and Amber Daniels will start this session by explaining the laws and issues from the MAPS and LARA perspectives. D/Lt. Garrison will explain things from the Michigan State Police standpoint. Don't miss this informative presentation!


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Chapter News

09/20/2019 - Preparing For a Malpractice Suit
Notice of Intent. Just reading the words can raise one’s anxiety level. Many physicians have experience being served a Notice of Intent, which is the first step the patient has to take in order to pursue a lawsuit against the physician and/or entity. If you do receive an NOI, you need to contact your medical malpractice carrier immediately. It should never be ignored or put off for “later” perusal. Once the Notice of Intent is served, the plaintiff has to wait anywhere from 154 to 182 days before they can file suit. That waiting period provides time to begin an investigation by your insurance carrier and also gives an opportunity to resolve the issue. Your provider should NEVER contact the plaintiff/patient directly once a Notice of Intent is received. Once you contact your malpractice carrier, they will assign a claims specialist who will guide you through their process. Mike Reynolds, Esq., Claims Director & Director of Government Relations for ProAssurance presented on How To Prepare for a Malpractice Suit. While we all hope it never happens to us, the reality is that our physicians are all at risk for a lawsuit. Mike provided really good information and also give the group an opportunity to ask a lot of questions.

08/22/2019 - August Chapter Meeting - Planning for Physician Retirement
On August 21st, Stacy Hettiger from the Michigan State Medical Society (MSMS) gave a presentation to our chapter on Planning for Physician Retirement. Stacy gave recommendations on when to start on the various processes as well as sound advice on developing an exit strategy that works for your physician and/or practice. Subjects covered included how to establish a written transition plan, who to notify and when, recommendations on how to handle medical records and other general topics such as inventory management and completing the billing cycle. Stacy encourages MSMS member practices to reach out to her for additional information. She is currently working on a “Closing a Practice Toolkit” which should be available in the coming months. Stacy can be reached at

07/29/2019 - How Health Plan Designs are Impacting Outcomes, Patient Access and Practice Finances
An informative and thought-provoking meeting was presented by Amy O’Meara Chambers and Gregory VandenBosch from Health Bridge. It is reported that 67% of employees do not have enough money to cover out-of-pocket medical expenses, 46% of Americans cannot come up with more than $400 in an emergency and up 60% of employees report financial stress impacting their physical health. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation in 2018, the average annual premium for an employer sponsored health plan (family of 4) costs $20,000. In addition, there is an average out-of-pocket maximum of $8,000. What’s not to stress about?! Along that same line, 64% of employees skipped medical care due to high out of pocket costs, 51% of people or their family member had skipped or postponed getting health care or a prescription in the past 12 months due to cost. That can become even more costly if a high-cost, non-emergent event evolves into an emergent event over time due to people skipping care. Employers are having to become more creative in providing benefits for their employees. Health Bridge is a company that has developed an innovative, new employee benefit that helps improve patient access through increased affordability. For more information, their website is


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