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Traverse City Michigan Chapter

Traverse City, MI

Next Chapter Meeting

Title/topic: Direct Contracting with NPO
Speaker: Marie Hooper - NPO
Date: 03/18/2020
Time: 07:30 AM - 09:00 AM
Location: Meet at the NMC University Center - Second Floor - Room 212.

Marie will help to answer questions relating to upcoming ACO changes.


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Chapter News

02/19/2020 - Setting and Maintaining Boundaries at Work
Michele Lurvey of We Before Me Leadership Development and Team Building was the guest speaker at our February Chapter Meeting. Her topic of “Setting and Maintaining Boundaries at Work” resonates with all of us. As managers we spend long days at the office and when we leave for the day we don’t know how to disconnect or our physicians and staff don’t leave us alone. We truly are dialed in all of the time. As Michele states, the cost of not setting and maintaining boundaries is burnout and potentially turnover. Often we set the expectation by being available 24/7. We receive calls, texts, and emails once we are home, at meetings or even while we are on vacation. Our physicians reach out to us because they want to convey information or a request “while they are thinking of it”. Setting everyday boundaries and boundaries for while we are on vacation can be difficult, especially if we have developed a culture of always being accessible. We need to set and convey clear expectations as well as develop new habits. For example, any communications after hours will be addressed the following business day. If there is something urgent/emergent, then please call rather than text. Set aside specific time to work on projects, i.e. 10-11:30 on Monday and Wednesday with a closed door. Obviously, if there is an emergency then please knock. When leaving for vacation, let your staff and providers know that you will be unavailable and for what specific dates. If you have a while board, write down the coverage of your duties. For example, any call-ins should go to…………., IT issues will be addressed by ………., etc. Again, if there is an emergency, please call rather than text. Allow yourself to truly disconnect (don’t read those emails from work!). You not only deserve the time off, but you need it!

01/15/2020 - Officer Installation + Financial Trends
The Traverse City Chapter kicked off the New Year with their Installation of Officer Ceremony. We welcome two new officers to our board: Anna Ohler, Membership Director and Terry McPhall, Vice President. Returning officers include Laura Alexander, Secretary; Peter Robinson, Treasurer; and Jamie Schichtel, President. We also thank Paulette Hunt and Gail Eminhizer for their years of service to our chapter as board members. Our meeting topic was presented by Bob Needham and Jeremy Harnish from Huntington Bank. They discussed the current issues and concerns surrounding financing and banking and made numerous recommendations for safety processes to be considered in our practices. Cyber breaches are increasing daily and the need to protect the practice from fraud is also increasing. Additional topics included consideration for Cyber Security Insurance as well as a CPA review of products and services we are utilizing to check for any possible breach passageways. Handouts were provided and are available for members who were not in attendance and would like a copy.

12/31/2019 - Holiday Generosity
Once again our Traverse City Chapter chose a local organization to make a donation to. This year we collaborated with the Traverse City Senior Center and their Mitten Tree campaign. Due to the generosity of our Chapter members, we were able to donate a sizable amount of warm mitten and hats that will then be distributed to those in need. It is so satisfying and heartwarming to be able to give back to our beautiful community.

12/18/2019 - Monitoring & Managing Google and other Reviews for your Practice
The historic Park Place Hotel was the venue for our annual December PAHCOM breakfast. Peter Robinson, CMM, chapter treasurer led a round table discussion on monitoring and managing online reviews. We’ve all experienced a bad review, but what do you do about it? For the most part it’s best not to ignore the bad review but do not engage in a debate. Some patients simply are not satisfied no matter what. If you choose not to respond, do your best to add more positive reviews and that will eventually put the bad review at the bottom of the list. Anyone can create a Facebook page with your company name. Make sure you claim that page and you can either keep it going with your actual practice content or you can shut it down. However you manage your reviews, always be kind and consistent in your responses.


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