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Leading Management Solutions

We are a Healthcare Management Solutions company aimed at guiding health care organization leaders to reach increased revenue, maximum employee performance, regulation compliance, and overall growth and success.

Our team of Management Consultants has a unique blend of education and decades of work experience in healthcare management, health IT, billing and collections, customer service, and business development. We work with all types of medical facilities nationwide, both onsite and virtually, and help them become more efficient, increase revenue, add new revenue streams, implement the right technology and software that best fits their needs and allows them to be more efficient, and much more. We also work with new providers or individuals who want to launch their own practices, and help them find the right facility and potential investors, set up all of their policies and procedures to ensure that they are regulation compliant, and be as involved in the management of their practices as they need us to be. We aim to be a one-stop shop to healthcare practices, by providing quality services or by recommending one of our partner companies for services that we may not provide. 

We are confident that we can add value to your organization. Contact us to discuss your practice goals and we will work together to make them a reality. 

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4700 Millenia Blvd., Ste. 175 Orlando, FL 32839

Sonda Eunus Founder & CEO (917) 620-1410