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Solutionreach Is Reveolutioninzing the Patient-Provider Relationship

Solutionreach is revolutionizing the patient-provider relationship. Why? Because we get it. We know providers want meaningful patient relationships that not only impact loyalty, but also outcomes. We also understand that demands on physicians and administrative staff rarely allow for the patient interaction that both sides want.

That’s why we created the industry’s leading patient relationship management platform. It all started with email and text appointment reminders. Now, after more than 15 years and partnerships with more than 23,000 healthcare organizations in numerous specialties, we empower providers with the tools they need to maximize patient relationships and foster loyalty.

 We give you everything in one place to build awesome patient relationships:

  • Patient Reminders: Deliver reminders to all upcoming patients based on patient preferences—email, text, or phone. Then, reactivate patients to get them back in the door with automated, targeted recare programs. The average practice using Solutionreach adds $95,000 in annual recare revenue.
  • Provider Reputation: Nine out of 10 patients read online reviews when choosing a provider. Show them how awesome you are. Solutionreach employs a three-fold strategy to help manage your online reviews: Monitor existing reviews, collect new reviews, push reviews out to websites.
  • Practice Marketing: Competition is growing. We’ll help you find new patients and keep them coming back with easy-to-use practice marketing tools. One practice is adding 15 new patients a month just through the patient referral tools in Solutionreach.
  • Patient Access: Make everything a lot more convenient for your patients. From online scheduling to the patient portal and the mobile app to tablet check in, we help make the process easier for your patients. Just offering self-scheduling can save your practice 60 hours of phone calls a month.
  • Patient Satisfaction: In this era of consumerized healthcare, the patient experience is a main driver in determining a patient’s choices regarding their healthcare providers. Over 50% of patients want the same customer service from healthcare providers as other businesses. Implementing patient surveys through Solutionreach is an effective way to monitor the patient experience and improve patient satisfaction.
  • Patient Education: Get patients the information they need to stay healthy, and they will keep coming back. But it’s hard to do that when the average number of minutes spent with a patient during a visit is 13-16. So, we’ve made it easy to send targeted newsletters for patient outreach.

Together, we can help you nurture loyal and engaged patients. Experience what happens when you can spend your time where it matters most.

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