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American Credit Bureau: Providing healthcare providers Guaranteed self-pay collection solutions for the last 25 years.

Patients are responsible for an increasing portion of their healthcare costs. Several studies are predicting that 30 to 35% of a practice's revenue will soon be owed by patients.

Unfortunately, patient-owed balances are notoriously time consuming and difficult to collect. For that reason a practice must have a persistent billing and collection process in place that is timely, consistent and delivers escalating consequences for non-payment.

If a practice continues to use outdated billing and collection processes, it is predicted that 81% of patient-owed balances will never be recovered, resulting in a huge negative impact on your practice. In other words, as patient responsibility increases, so too does financial risk for healthcare providers.

Call Sean or myself at 800.750.9422 and learn how to collect 3x more of your patient balances . . . with far less effort.

The Payer Mix is Changing - Are You Prepared?

Self-pay is now the highest payer in the medical field behind Medicare and Medicaid and it is catching up fast.

As anyone who has managed a practice knows, patient collections are extremely labor-intensive and expensive.

Are You Ready to Collect Patient-Owed Balances?

When confronted with these statistics, it is clear that practices must make changes to the way patient-owed balances are collected or risk putting the practice's overall revenue stream in jeopardy.

With our 21st century A/R solutions, your patient-owed balances will be collected faster and at a much higher percentage - with far less effort on your part!



You've worked hard to get where you are today - you deserve the money owed to you

The easiest way to do that is with American Credit Bureau's suite of receivable solutions. These indispensable financial solutions will bring in your patient-owed balances faster and eliminate write-offs and high collection fees.


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