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I heard that you had to be a member of PAHCOM to take the CMM exam; is that true?

I am a vendor who serves the medical community and I would like to establish myself as a medical professional and get my CMM. Can I take the exam?

What can I do if I do not pass the certification exam?

I have submitted my application for the CMM exam. What happens next?

Why does PAHCOM require such strict requirements in order to be a PAHCOM Certified Medical Manager (CMM)?

Are there any discounts for the CMM Certification Exam?

Is the Certified Medical Manager course an online course?

What is the objective of the PAHCOM Certification Board?

Will CMMs that have held the CMM credential prior to NCCA accreditation be required to re-take the CMM examination?

Who is in charge of the PAHCOM CMM Program?

What is the purpose of the CMM Examination?

How can I apply to sit for the CMM Examination?

How do I know if my application is approved?

What happens if a candidate “No-Shows” for a scheduled CMM Examination?

What kind of identification is required at the testing center?

How long will I need to wait to find out if I passed the CMM Examination?

Can a candidate appeal the results of the CMM Examination?

What will I receive when I pass the CMM Examination?

Why does the PAHCOM Certification Board require continuing education?

Why does the PAHCOM Certification Board require recertification every two years?

Are the CEUs good for me? I'm an RN, CPC.

My CMM is due for recertification soon. Where do I fax my CEU certificates?

How do I register my continuing education units?

Why do I need to provide supporting documents for my CEUs?

Is there a specific time-period for attaining the required 24 CEUs every two years?

What happens if a CEU Document Review discloses a discrepancy?

Can I Recertify On-line?

When can I add earned CEUs to my CEU Transcript?

How do I get CEUs for PAHCOM webinars?

What happens if a CMM fails to recertify?

What is the standard for choosing non-PAHCOM approved educational events?

How do local PAHCOM Chapters select their educational events?

How is CEU credit determined for self-study/self-monitored educational endeavors?

I heard that CEUs are audited; how does that happen?

What can I do if I fail to recertify through no fault of my own?

If my membership expires, what happens to my Certification?

How can I tell if someone is a Certified Medical Manager (CMM) in good standing?

I have applied for the CMM exam. What happens next?

Where can I take the CMM exam?

I just renewed my membership. Why am I getting a reminder to recertify? or... I just recertified. Why am I getting a reminder to renew my membership?

When I register to take the certification exam, do I get a free Study Guide?

I watched the recorded CMS webinar. How do I get my CEUs?

Can I get PAHCOM CEUs for attending the CMS Medicare Learning Network events?

What if I don't pass the certification exam?

How many CEUs do I need to recertify and how often do I recertify?

Do I need to send in my CEU Certificates to prove my CEUs?

How do I keep track of my CEUs?

I am a new CMM. How many CEUs do I need to recertify and how often do I recertify?

Are college class credits good for CEUs for my CMM?

Why does the PAHCOM Certification Board require that 12 of the 24 CEUs required for recertification of the CMM credential be obtained from educational programs preapproved by the Certification Board?

How do I determine if CEUs that have not been preapproved by PAHCOM will be accepted?

Are the educational sessions at the PAHCOM Annual Conference preapproved for CEUs?

Is the CMM good for entry level managers?

What are the requirements to sit for the PAHCOM Certified Medical Manager (CMM) examination?

How can I tell when my CMM is due for recertification?

What happens if I fail to renew my PAHCOM membership on time?

Where can I get PAHCOM Certification Board preapproved Educational Programs?