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A Message from the Founder of PAHCOM, Richard Blanchette

Richard Blanchette photoEveryone needs support. I know of no other group more in need of support than the steadfast people who manage physician practices in today's turbulent health care environment. Office managers are faced with a daily onslaught of challenges from every direction and angle - insurers, employees, patients, vendors, affiliated hospitals, federal and state regulators; the list goes on and on. Everyone wants you to do more with less. PAHCOM was created for you. To help reduce the time between awareness of a problem and solving the problem. No matter how smart and experienced you are, no one can have all the answers. 

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Join PAHCOM and enjoy the benefits of the experience and knowledge of thousands of your peers. Tap into the greatest wealth of knowledge on managing physician practices that has ever existed. Our motto "PAHCOM Shares Knowledge" is more than a slogan; it is the creed of our daily actions. I invite you to connect with this fountain of knowledge, and take charge of your career. Enjoy excelling in your profession and being confident in your decisions!

"Each of us alone is one; together we are the Professional Association of Health Care Office Management."