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HITCM-PP Exam Qualifications

Experience: A minimum of two years experience in the health care field. Must be in support of patient care, as in a medical practice or other clinical environment.

Education: Twelve college credit hours in courses pertinent to healthcare, business management or information technology. The educational credit requirement is reduced by one hour for each year experience above the two year minimum.

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How the application process works

  • This process will confirm that you are applying for the HITCM-PP Exam and are aware that the cost is $385
  • It will then ask qualifying questions as well as reference information, etc.
  • Once the application is completed you will be asked for payment
  • Upon completion of your application, the PAHCOM National Office will be notified and you will be contacted to schedule your certification exam.
  • Note that you must sit for the exam within one year of your application date.
  • Click the button below when you're ready to move forward with your application!

I meet the above CMM Exam Qualifications