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A minimum of two years experience in the health care field. Must be in support of patient care, as in a medical practice or other clinical environment.


Twelve college credit hours in courses pertinent to healthcare, business management, or information technology. The educational credit requirement is reduced by one hour for each year experience above the two year minimum.


Be a PAHCOM member in good standing. (Continuous membership must be maintained.)


Q: I'm a vendor who serves the medical community and I'd like to establish myself as a medical professional and get my HITCM-PP. Can I take the exam?

A: No. Unlike many other certifications, the HITCM-PP is truly for medical management professionals.

You cannot buy your certification or study hard, take a course, and then become a HITCM-PP. You must qualify according to the above requirements which includes two years of experience regardless of your education level.

We are very proud of our certification because it really stands for professionalism and extensive medical manager expertise. We have fewer HITCM-PPs out in the industry because they're not for sale. They must be earned, no exceptions!