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Retention of certification requires HITCM-PPs to:

  • Maintain continuous PAHCOM Membership. Stay informed about your dates in My Membership!
  • Obtain 24 hours of Continuing Education Units (CEUs) every two years.
  • Submit Logged CEUs along with a $75 processing fee. While certificates are not required for recertification, 10% of CMMs are audited and proof of logged CEUs requested. Keep all documentation of CEUs earned!

What CEUs can be counted toward recertification?

CEU credit is authorized for most educational sessions, seminars, courses, etc. providing training/information relevant to duties as an office manager. The sessions are not required to be approved by PAHCOM at this time, but information must be relevant, and the presenter recognized as qualified and credible. Self study courses, except those specifically approved in advance by PAHCOM, are not authorized for CEU credit. If you have a question about a particular session, or about the recertification process in general, call the national office at 800-451-9311

When can CEUs be submitted?


Our new system will keep them in your record and every time you receive more training, you can simply log in and enter your CEUs. Your two year cycle remains the same regardless of how early you submit CEUs. If you are due for recertification in April 2012, submitting CEUs now will not change your cycle and your next recertification will be due April 2014.

Extra CEUs (over and above the required 24) do not count towards recertification, and cannot be applied forward.

Late recertifications will not be accepted and your credential will be decertified. Once decertified, you must re-test in order to regain your HITCM-PP.

What is my recertification date?

My Membership is your profile manager portal and displays your CMM Recertification Due Date. Log in on the website and select Membership & Community > My Membership to review and manage your profile.

Ready to recertify?

Click here to submit your CEUs (24 or more) and process your HITCM-PP recertification.

After entering your CEUs online, you will be emailed:

  • Confirmation of your recertification;
  • A receipt for your fee payment.


  • Confirmation of your recertification can be seen in My Membership.
  • The HITCM-PP Recertification Due date will be adjusted by two years to reflect your current certification is approved

HITCM-PP Certificates

HITCM-PP Certificate photo
  • Are mailed to new HITCM-PPs at the time they pass the examination and all requirements are met;
  • HITCM-PP Certificates do not expire and are not re-issued at recertification;
  • If you require a replacement certificate, you may purchase one at any time for $10.