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  1. What CMS program is best described by the following goals: patient-centered, evidence based, prevention-oriented, and strives to provide equitable and efficient medicine?
    1. PCMH
    2. HITECH
    3. EHR Incentive
    4. Pay-4-Performance (P4P)
  2. Which one of the below statements is true?
    1. CMS reports to the ONC.
    2. HHS reports to the ONC.
    3. ONC reports to CMS.
    4. ONC reports to HHS.
  3. What can an incompatibility error result from?
    1. Improperly dosing medication.
    2. Losing or corrupting vital patient data.
    3. Using multi-vendor software applications and systems.
    4. Accessing the wrong patient's record or overwriting it with another.
  4. A practice manager is trying feverishly to meet MU requirements for a newly implemented EHR system for her practice. She is behind on her work. Which of the below approaches is the best way to solve her issue?
    1. Seek vendor input on how to optimally manage this transition period.
    2. Re-prioritize her own workload since she knows what really needs the most attention.
    3. Meet with the practice medical director and or owners and explain the situation asking them to help prioritize her time.
    4. Meet with the practice medical director and/or owners and explain the situation asking them to hire additional short-term help since the annual deadline for attestation is fixed.
  5. The rule of thumb for a typical practice's EHR storage requirements is 5 GB per year per provider.
    1. True
    2. False

Show me the answers

1. C
2. D
3. C
4. D
5. A