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PAHCOM Code of Ethical Standards

1. PAHCOM members shall be dedicated to providing the highest standard of managerial services to employers, employees, and patients, showing compassion and respect for human dignity.

2. PAHCOM members shall maintain the highest standard of professional conduct.

3. PAHCOM members shall respect the rights of patients, employers, and employees, and within the constraints of the law, maintain the confidentiality of all privileged information.

4. PAHCOM members shall use only legal and ethical means in all professional dealings, and shall refuse to cooperate with, or condone by silence, the actions of those who engage in fraudulent, deceptive, or illegal acts.

5. PAHCOM members shall respect the laws and regulations of the land, and the bylaws of the Association, and recognize a responsibility to seek to change those laws which are contrary to the best interest of patients, employers, employees, and other Association members.

6. PAHCOM members shall pursue excellence through continuing education in all areas applicable to the management of the medical office.

7. PAHCOM members shall strive to maintain and enhance the dignity, status, competence, and standards of medical office management and its practitioners.

8. PAHCOM members shall use every opportunity, including participation in local health care associations, to promote and improve public understanding and enhancement of the status of the profession.

9. PAHCOM members shall respect the integrity and protect the welfare of employers, employees, and patients.

10. PAHCOM members do not exploit professional relationships with patients, employees, or employers for personal gain. Nor do they condone or engage in sexual harassment or discriminatory hiring and supervisory practices.

This Code of Ethical Standards was adopted to promote and maintain the highest standard of association service and personal conduct among its members.  Adherence to these standards is required for membership in the Association, and serves to assure public confidence in the integrity and service of managers who are members of the Association.