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PAHCOM National Advisory Board

Joan Newell-Walker, CMM


Joan Newell-Walker photo

Greetings! I am Joan Newell-Walker, CMM.

I begin my healthcare career with the State of New Jersey in 1980. I have been an Office Manager since the early 90's and in my current positon since 2004 as the Manager of Health Care Administration. I joined PAHCOM in February 2011 and became a CMM in July 2011.

I immediately became active on a national and local level. Since joining PAHCOM in 2011, I've attended the National Conferences annually. I was one of the founding members of the Gainesville Chapter, which opened in 2012 and served as President for four terms. I've been on the National Advisory Board since 2015.

Joining PAHCOM is a life changing opportunity. My CMM certification is one of the most rewarding accomplishments of my career, solidifying my leadership ability. You will find the ListServ to be an online community which fosters close communication and unity. 

I challenge you to:

1. If you are not a CMM, you owe it to yourself and your profession to get certified 
2. Get involved at the national and local level 
3. Be active on the ListServ where you will experience PAHCOM Sharing Knowledge from the best to the best. 

I have been in healthcare since 1980. I am married to my wonderful husband George. We are both original Northeasterners that relocated to Florida in 1998. We are a blended family of 7 children and several grandchildren. George has attended every PAHCOM Conference with me and looks forward to attending each year.

I am the Manager for Health Care Administration at Archer Family Health Care a Nurse managed Rural Health Clinic, A service of the University Of Florida College Of Nursing since 2004. We are a nationally recognized organization for successful innovative leadership as a nurse managed health clinic.

I am a hands-on working manager that is always available and willing to assist our patients, practitioners and team to get the job done. I enjoy traveling, music/dancing and participating in the worldwide Bible training program with my religious organization.