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I have very high compliments for the 2014 PAHCOM Medical Practice Compensation Survey. The results of this report show the information received by PAHCOM was very well managed, categorized, and presented. The formats are clear and concise, while remaining informative. Very valuable information. Thank You!

Marie Sanderson, RN, ADM; Director of Operations for Midwest Digestive Disease Specialists SC

SUPPORT!! That is the first thought I had when I think about the ListServ. No question too "dumb" to ask, someone has an answer for you.

Charlene Anderson; Member Since 1996

It is a way of getting the expertise or opinion of your peers at their and your convenience. It is networking without leaving the house or office.

Joy Till, CMM; Member Since 1999

The most important feature of the ListServ for us is that we are not out here alone. We are privileged to share, inquire, vent and sometimes it may be a subject we may not have thought of or an issue in another office that has not come up yet, but eventually it is relevant to our job as time passes. Every office is unique to themselves, but we all share so much in common. Because we are all separated by time and distance, does not mean we cannot get together to listen and give advise. We have the ListServ. Thank you PAHCOM for all that you do for us.

Pam Ruvolo; Member Since 2003

Fastest way to reach out to other managers with questions. Most Diverse group of office mangers you will be able to find with one e-mail. You receive a variety of possible solutions or answers to your questions.

Richard Bolz; Member Since 2000

Some people may not appreciate all the emails coming in to their in-box daily, but that's customizable. I love the fact that I can just open the emails on topics of relevance to my practice without having to log-in to PAHCOM or go out to some "portal in the abyss" (kidding), it makes for a very efficient knowledge update. I love the feedback from colleagues (both positive and negative) about situations that we all face on a daily basis. I've learned a great deal of relevant information from the site. In summary, relevant, educational, efficient, great advice and great sounding board for all of us. Sometimes we rant a little or get on our "virtual soapboxes" but that is just part of what we all face. Really appreciate the "no question to dumb or amateur to ask" environment.

Connie L. Baldridge, BSH, BBA; Member Since 2010

ListServ is a professional community of Managers who care about their Practices. Together we provide years of experience and knowledge regarding Healthcare,all its Compliance demands and Human Resource expertise. Many of the topics are serious in nature, some are day-to-day business questions, and some scenarios are just unbelievable (with what we manage day-to-day - staff, patients). We are a caring, supportive community, and want you to join us and become successful in managing your Practice. Your journey starts with a single e-mail.

Pat Sullivan; Member Since 2010

The listserv is an invaluable source of information. Almost any topic that is brought up on it will relate to any practice in some way. It is a wonderful way to be able to bounce an idea or situation off of hundreds of people at one time and receive fantastic advise.

Cindy Valdez, CMM; Member Since 2010

I went from managing a Dermatology and a Urology practice to starting up a practice for 2 Psychiatrists. Never having dealt with Psychiatry before, I knew I needed the help of fellow PAHCOM members. I went to the website and did a Member Search for all members with Psychiatry listed as their specialty. The network of Psychiatry managers was extremely helpful with all the questions I had in starting my practice.

Pam Lewis, CMM, HITCM-PP; National Advisory Board Chairperson and Practice Manager for innerQuest, pllc

The ListServ is an easy way to ask questions and get answers fast from the managers. It represents a venue where we can share our struggles and experiences.

Natalie Widomski, CMM; Member Since 2007

By far the greatest value for me is that I don't have to take up valuable time "reinventing the wheel". Whatever I need to know or whatever policy or form I need to create - someone else has already done it and are happy to share it with me. Invaluable!!!!

Pam Lewis, CMM, HITCM-PP; National Advisory Board Chairperson and Practice Manager for innerQuest, pllc

The listserv has been a very valuable tool for me. I can't even begin to tell you what a time saver this is. In this day of technology and fast changes it is an exceptional tool to be able to jump on-line and ask the "experts". We all realize that we must confirm some items on our own. But I can tell you if I ask a question and get 20 responses and 18 are the same, I will most likely go that way with my decision. I have utilized the list serv for so many areas from a to z. I can no longer imagine life without it.

Paula Fallon; Practice Administrator for Michael Fallon M.D.