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As a member of PAHCOM for more than a decade now, I can attest to the fact that the resources that come with ones PAHCOM membership are outstanding. If I need a form, I can go to the member library and find either what I need or something close. Why reinvent the wheel when it is not necessary. But by far the best resource is the list serv. This on-line tool is a way to connect with my peers to ask questions, release pent up anger, or to even share accomplishments. The list serv is an invaluable tool for the small practice manager of today to keep up with the ever changing healthcare industry.

Sue Zumwalt, CMM, CPEDCS, HITCM-PP; Practice Administrator for Pediatric Associates of Stockton

I wanted to tell you what an incredible organization PAHCOM is.  I am a member of both state and national Boards [of other organizations] and nothing compares to PAHCOM. Thank you for all the wonderful help that PAHCOM gets to those of us that need it and would not know where to look.

Nancy Kidd; Office Manager at Orthopaedic Associates