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One of our adjunct faculty members handed me a PAHCOM application and started talking to me about this organization named PAHCOM in late 2010 and how this organization would be beneficial to me. She explained that the local Rural Health Partnership was promoting PAHCOM in the Gainesville, FL area so they were giving away 5 memberships. I told her no thanks, I am not taking on anything new. By February 2011 I gave in (she never gave up) and I joined the organization. Then as I started doing research on the organization I realized how amazing it was. I was then compelled to show my appreciation and become active and certified. So I studied and took the CMM exam in July 2011 and passed it. (my second time around) What an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment it was when I received my certification certificate with my name and credentials on it. I felt like I had finally arrived after many years of dedicated work in my field. Everyday when I enter my office, turn on the lights and see my framed certificate on the wall I still feel a warm proud feeling of accomplishment. I will always be thankful for being introduced to PAHCOM and taking the CMM exam, it has added increased knowledge, professionalism and confidence in my career.

Joan Newell-Walker, CMM; Practice Manager for Archer Family Health Care UF College of Nursing

The HITCM-PP certification covers the knowledge and skills required to implement, deploy, and support healthcare IT systems essential to medical practice business operations today. I now have confidence to talk with authority, ask the right questions and provide suggestions backed up with real technical understanding. I know I've got the skills and employers will see that too. Certification gives me a competitive advantage over other individuals who are not certified. I have now positioned myself to maintain employment or to move up the career ladder in the area of Physician Practice Administration where HIT certification will be heavily emphasized in the future.

Kimberly Wise, CMM, CPC, HITCM-PP

I joined PAHCOM in 1997. I immediately took my CMM examination in Buffalo, NY. My certification not only lets others know that I possess the skills to effectively manage a busy 5 physician internal medicine group, but also gives me the confidence to come to work each day with the knowledge to be the best that I can be, on behalf of our staff and our patients alike. My CMM is invaluable in my professional career as a medical office manager.

Helena Farabella, CMM

My CMM means so much to me. It is this certification that got me my current position. I was interviewed by 8-psychiatrists who reviewed a total of 50 applicants for the management position, and the one thing that set me apart from the other applicants was the fact that I was a Certified Medical Manager.

Shirley Crochet, CMM; Practice Manager; Sulphur, LA

I became a CMM in 1999 and I am so glad I did! That same year I took a job with a large hospital system network owned practice. One day a few years later after a particularly long network managers meeting at the height of the Malpractice Crisis and release of HIPAA our Director, Catherine Klein CMM summed up being a CMM like this, "When I have 35 managers in the room like this it is so easy to see who the CMM's are, they are like twinkling stars that keep the direction of the room on track, they help me guide everyone in the right direction." I loved that statement and never forgot the tremendous pride I felt at that moment, I have carried it with me like Dorothy's Ruby Slippers ever since!

Kathryn Eiler, CMM; Office Manager; Philadelphia, PA

In this world of increasingly complex medical practices, clinic managers must be continually upgraded and educated in their knowledge of personnel, administration, CPT coding and compliance concerns and, most particularly, continual expense control. An organization like PAHCOM provides an outstanding forum for managers to meet and share knowledge and concerns of medical practices. Participation of managers in an organization like PAHCOM is an absolute MUST!

James E. Hammond, CHBC, CPA; Healthcare Management Consultants, Inc.

PAHCOM makes a difference! I just got promoted to a larger facility, thanks in part to my certification! I can't thank you enough for all you've done to promote the professionalism of being a health care office manager!

Lisa Kodya, CMM

Thank you for the opportunity to become a CMM. I am so happy to have passed the exam; what a wonderful challenge! I learned so many things that I did not know and I refreshed in my mind on so many things that I did know and had forgotten or took for granted. I was surprised at how much I knew. Every day we work with all the issues addressed and think nothing of it, until we are questioned and then we try to second guess ourselves. I am so happy to belong to PAHCOM and now to be a Certified Medical Manager.

Liz Schultz, CMM; Lehigh Valley (Retired)

When I went into the medical field 4 years ago I went to my first PAHCOM conference in Louisville, Kentucky, since I am located just across the river and had no idea if I wanted to join or not. Once at the conference, I had no doubt about it. I have never been a part of such a fine, helpful, encouraging, and supportive group. I have been in associations before, but never one as fantastic as PAHCOM! I wanted all along to sit for my CMM on the 4th anniversary conference, but had been told I needed some extra courses, so had decided it would have to wait. Thankfully, I decided that even though I couldn't sit for the exam last year, I would attend the study/review session held the night before, to learn what I could, and to my surprise and shock was told that, yes, I could sit for it and that I should sit for it the next day. Talk about scared! I am thankful to my friends at PAHCOM, in particular, Karen Spellman, Joan Rissmiller, and Teri Arseneau for their vigilance in encouraging me all evening to take it the next day. So, I stayed up most of the night studying and took it the next morning and was rewarded by passing it the first time! I am so proud to be a member and to have the network of friends I have made through PAHCOM!

Dayna G. Couch, CMM; Practice Administrator