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I have been attending the PAHCOM annual conference since the year 2000, that’s 16 conferences and what keeps me coming back is the exposure to new ideas and perspectives which expands my knowledge base and also benefits my practice. It delivers not only excellent education but professional development, peer networking and emerging trends which helps improve our practice strategies and processes. Attending conference is an investment in yourself.

Anna Valdes, CMM; Managed Care Manager for Florida Orthopaedic Institute

I am so blessed to be granted a scholarship to attend the conference in October 2015. I am the administrator for a 95% Medicaid based Rural Health Clinic and we operate on a very small budget. The certification and knowledge I gained last year has been valuable in the every day operations of our practice and I look forward to adding to that knowledge this year. The sharing of experience and information is invaluable to us all. I am looking forward to making new friends and connecting with those from last year.

Pam Carlisle, CMM; Administrator for Milla Pediatrics and Associates, Inc

After attending the annual conference last year and listening to the awesome speakers, I loved my job again! After the day in and day out grind of our offices it was nice to be re-inspired. If you have not attended an annual conference you are missing out!

Sharon Miller, CMM; Practice Administrator for John L. Millins M.D.

PAHCOM 2013 was hands down the best show I've ever attended, and with more leads than we typically see. We plan to be there again next year!

Steve Latos, Director of Sales, JDL Technologies

Our practice manager has attended yearly PAHCOM conferences and has  remained quite active in the organization. We have been delighted to have her involvement in such a capacity. This has helped her stay up to date and on the cutting-edge of regulations and strategies to keep our practice competitive. There's no doubt in my mind that were it not for her involvement in PAHCOM we would struggle much more in keeping up to date.

Steven D. Buser, M.D., innerQuest Psychiatry and Counseling, Asheville, NC

The PAHCOM conference adds value to our practice. The interaction of administrators from across the nation has helped to keep our practice at the cutting edge. The presentations and group sessions are a great way to keep pace with national trends and leads to innovative ways of dealing with the changes ahead.

Rex Antinozzi, M.D., A.G.A.F., Digestive Health Associates of Northern Michigan, Traverse City, MI

As an OB/GYN who has practiced medicine for over 30 years, I have seen a drastic change in medicine. My executive administrator, Sarah Holmes, has been with me for 30 years. She became involved in PAHCOM and was certified in 1999. Since that time, she has missed only one annual conference. I can truly attest that having Sarah attend annual conference has tremendously enhanced her skill set. It allows her to be on the cutting edge of all legal and administrative changes in healthcare.

Tyrone C. Malloy, MD, JD; Metropolitan Atlanta OB/GYN

Our Practice Administrator returns each year from The Annual PAHCOM Conference with many great ideas with which to lead the office in an efficient and practical way!

Dr. Steven L. Billigmeter, MD; Pediatric Associates of Stockton

When I went into the medical field 4 years ago I went to my first PAHCOM conference in Louisville, Kentucky, since I am located just across the river and had no idea if I wanted to join or not. Once at the conference, I had no doubt about it. I have never been a part of such a fine, helpful, encouraging, and supportive group. I have been in associations before, but never one as fantastic as PAHCOM! I wanted all along to sit for my CMM on the 4th anniversary conference, but had been told I needed some extra courses, so had decided it would have to wait. Thankfully, I decided that even though I couldn't sit for the exam last year, I would attend the study/review session held the night before, to learn what I could, and to my surprise and shock was told that, yes, I could sit for it and that I should sit for it the next day. Talk about scared! I am thankful to my friends at PAHCOM, in particular, Karen Spellman, Joan Rissmiller, and Teri Arseneau for their vigilance in encouraging me all evening to take it the next day. So, I stayed up most of the night studying and took it the next morning and was rewarded by passing it the first time! I am so proud to be a member and to have the network of friends I have made through PAHCOM!

Dayna G. Couch, CMM; Practice Administrator

I am quite impressed with the revision of the conference agenda. There are a lot of great sessions that will satisfy the needs of the "seasoned managers" and I am convinced that the speakers will attract attendees. You have ignited my interest and desire to attend. I must admit that my original thought was - "Why do I need to be there?" but now I don't want to miss it. The topics are excellent and relevant to managing a successful practice. I want to compliment your efforts - great job!!

Joan Rissmiller, CMM; Practice Administrator at Bausch and Jones Eye Associates and 2008 Medical Manager of the Year

One thing I can say is based on the scheduled speakers and seminars, this year looks like a BIG bang for the buck!

Tricia Varela; CBO Manager at Lakeside Family Physicians

I want to tell you what a wonderful time I had at the PAHCOM conference. The speakers were great and the information was extremely helpful to me and my practice.

Jan Delnero, CMM; Business Administration at Atlantic Gastroenterology Associates PA

The conference was worth every penny. I had a wonderful learning experience and I'm still implementing all the ideas. Great job on speaker choices. Thanks for your continued dedication to the organization.

Melinda Paluzzi, CMM; Practice Manager at Palmetto Surgery Associates PA

The conference was fabulous. It was a great opportunity to network with colleagues. The educational sessions were outstanding. Thank you to all of those involved in making this an extremely successful conference. I look forward to attending the PAHCOM conference in Orlando next year.

Joan Austin, CMM; Practice Manager at Pediatrics West PC

I want to compliment all of you on a wonderful conference. It was above my expectations, and a pleasure to attend. Please tell everyone involved thank you and congratulations on a job well done. I have already used many of the forms available from the PAHCOM website in hiring a new file clerk. The discussion at the New Managers seminar and the forms available on the website made me much more comfortable in the hiring process of our new employee.

Martha Fleming, RN, MSN; Neurological Services, Inc.

Thank you Mr. Blanchette, the conference was awesome, but you in the Mexican sombrero was the best. Looking forward to next year.

Cathy Rigby, CMM, CPCD; Office Manager at Atlantic Dermatology

This was truly the best conference that I have attended in many years. It is my hope that the high quality educational sessions we attended this year continue for future conferences. Having an entire year to plan the next one along with smoothing out some of the wrinkles will insure sucess in Orlando.