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PAHCOM recognized the ever increasing need for a program that would provide recognition to individual office managers having knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to successfully manage the Health Information Technology inherent in today's ever-changing medical practices.

As a result, the Health Information Technology Certified Manager for Physician Practice (HITCM-PP) program was established.




  • Exam Format, 
    Content, & Locations
  • Qualifications, 
    Application, & Preparation
  • Congratulations 
    & Recertification


  • 200 questions (multiple choice)
  • 3 hours are allocated to complete the exam
  • Proctored at your convenience at an online partner testing center

Exam Content

Domain 1. HIT Systems Environment- General

  • Subdomain a.

    Fundamentals of Usability (including barriers) and Functionality of Health Information Management Systems including Certified EHR Technologies and Patient Health Record Technologies

  • Subdomain b.

    Laws, Regulations, Rules and Accreditation Standards Governing Health Information Systems Management, Including HIPAA Privacy and Security Laws and Patient Safety Standards

  • Subdomain c.

    Healthcare Business Models and Technology Trends Including the Evolution of Meaningful Use and MACRA

  • Subdomain d.

    Characteristics of Information and Communication Technologies including Infrastructure, Servers, Web Services and Storage that Support the HIT Environment

Domain 2. HIT Project Management

  • Subdomain a.

    Analysis of Current Business and Clinical Workflow and Processes to Identify Deficiencies

  • Subdomain b.

    EHR Planning, Vendor Selection/Acquisition, Installation and Training

  • Subdomain c.

    Systems Analysis, Maintenance and Contract Management

Domain 3. HIT Aspects of Patient-Centered Care

  • Subdomain a.

    Consumer Health IT: Patient Engagement/Education and Safety, PHRs and Wearable Devices

  • Subdomain b.

    Population and Public Health Management

  • Subdomain c.

    Evidence Based Medicine

  • Subdomain d.

    Interoperability and Health Information Exchange

  • Subdomain e.

    Value Based Payment Models, Quality Metrics, Measures and Reporting; Quality Improvement

Domain 4. HIT Privacy and Security

  • Subdomain a.

    HIPAA Compliance including portable devices, telemedicine and m-health

  • Subdomain b.


  • Subdomain c.

    Compliance with the Security Aspects of MACRA



  • Two years experience in a patient care environment
  • 12 college credit hours in business/healthcare (or commensurate experience)
  • PAHCOM membership


  • All applications are online here
  • Exam fee is $385 for members, $770 for non-members
  • Exam eligibility: 3 months



  • Congratulations on your new certification! PAHCOM will congratulate you by listing your name here. The congratulations page lists the most recent ten HITCM-PPs.
  • All active HITCM-PPs are listed here for verification and recognition.
  • New HITCM-PPs will receive a congratulations package in the mail including:
    • Health Information Technology Certified Manager for Physician Practice Certificate
    • A letter to your practice commending you on your accomplishment
    • Press release ready for you to share with your local media contacts
    • HITCM-PP lapel pin
    • 3.5" HITCM-PP sticker (good for indoors or out/bumper/etc.)


  • Certified members must maintain continuous membership and recertify every 24 months.
  • Recertification requires continued education